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Real Estate Funds

Real Estate is an important part of any investment portfolio. Real estate makes it possible to stabilize the general rate of return and to decrease dependence on the economic situation. The easiest and accessible way for investing in real estate is through your own Real Estate Fund.

The main advantages of real estate investments:

  • Real estate brings a stable, predictable income
  • Income from real estate always exceeds the inflation rate
  • Risks related to real estate are low
  • Despite the economic situation, real estate always has user value
  • Real estate improves the quality of any investment portfolio. A large amount of research shows that for risk reduction it is a good idea to include real estate in an investment portfolio. It is proven that real estate revenue does not depend too much on factors that determine revenue from shares and obligations. Often the profit from real estate is growing while share prices fall
  • In the current economical situation the profit from the real estate is bigger than profit from shares and bonds

The advantages of investment in real estate through a Real Estate Fund: 

  • You do not have to worry about purchasing, selling, renting and maintaining the property. This is the work of the managing company
  • Selling and pledge of parts of the Fund certificates makes it possible to raise funds without selling the real estate
  • Profitability varies through object diversification

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