Business Immigration

You may be taking up residency under the Permanent Residence Scheme, setting up a business presence in The Netherlands under the various incentive schemes available to Dutch companies, or taking up employment. Whichever the case, the complexities of moving residence or business overseas are not only legal but logistical. While our lawyers deal with the legalities, we can assist you with the important trivialities of sorting oneself out in a new country of residence.

Business Immigration to The Netherlands

Foreign citizens of any nationality aged below 60 are allowed to run a business in the Netherlands if they meet certain requirements and are approved by the Dutch authorities to enter the Netherlands with the purpose of running a business.

In order to obtain approval to run a business in the Netherlands, you must be able to demonstrate that it is a new company, or a new branch of an existing company, which will serve a "material economic purpose" in the Netherlands, and that it is necessary for you to run this company within the Netherlands.