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Corporate Tax Advisory

Managing the corporation tax issues of a business can be complex, particularly when you are trying to juggle strategy, compliance, planning, and risk. The Business Tax Advisory Team can help you make the right decisions at the right time and ensure that taxation issues do not end up running your business.

Every stage in business development has its financial and fiscal side, often more complex than first thought. Restructuring your organization or expanding your business will affect its value and financial position, and will often be accompanied by a variety of tax assessments including income tax, VAT, withholding income tax, personal income tax, unified social tax, customs duties, excises, and property tax. All are taxes that your organization might have to pay.

Our advisors in Business Tax have the requisite skills to precisely pinpoint potential tax problems and provide our clients with complete and practical advice, while informing them of legislation and law enforcement developments on a timely basis, preventing risks and exploiting all the opportunities to optimize financial performance of the company.

Our services are geared to providing business tax advice in the widest sense to large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to government and non-profit organizations.

We do not provide tax advice in isolation. If required, our advisors will also assist in the implementation of consistent actions and talks and negotiations with the tax authorities. We will also support you throughout the entire process of decision making and solutions realization.

Business Tax Compliance

Dynamic economic development, globalization and business pressures, and continuous legislation amendments all force organizations to consider a new approach to the process of tax accounting, preparation of tax reporting documentation, and cooperation with the tax authorities.

Our assistance allows companies to improve management effectiveness, correlating tax decisions made in one country with the business imperatives of the overall enterprise. We offer a wide range of services that include general compliance, introduction of tax, finance and accounting services, and global coordination and management of tax accounting projects.

The Business Tax Compliance Team assists companies in meeting business compliance requirements, analyzing taxable status and related risks, identifying applicable taxes, calculating tax liabilities, maintaining tax accounting registers, preparing tax reporting documents, and actively coordinating and settling disputes with the tax authorities. If the company maintains tax accounting independently, we can provide assistance in the review of prepared tax returns and registers.

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