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Factoring as a tax planning tool


Factoring – is the provision of financing in exchange for the right for a monetary claim. Factor can be a financial institute as well as any private company. This makes factoring a great tool in efficient tax planning.

By signing the factoring agreement client transfers the right for a monetary claim to a 3rd party (debtor) to a financial agent (factor). Financial agent provides financing and receives a reward for it. The deal, for which the right for a monetary claim is transferred, can be a contract of sale, execution of work or provision of service.

At the same time, factoring doesn’t only consist of transfer of right for a monetary claim and reverse financing. Terms of the agreement can allow other services. For instance, customer credit check, document management, accounts receivable management, collection of overdue debt (for a recourse factoring). The reward for each of the services can be set individually.

Due to that, financing in exchange for the claim right is an interesting tool in international tax planning. One of the companies in low-tax jurisdiction becomes a financial agent (factor). The tax burden of the client decreases by providing substantial reward to a factor for the provision of factoring services.

BlauStein Business Lawyers: A company with exclusive services for exclusive clients

  • Development, formation, management and administration of international structures, independent companies, holdings, foundations, trusts & family offices towards the implementation of special purpose vehicles (SPV), including:
    • Tax planning and optimization
    • Asset management and protection
    • Purchase, sale, M&A and transfer of business
    • Intellectual property exploitation
    • Attracting external financing, private equity and IPO
    • Ensuring anonymity of beneficiaries
    • Investments in real estate & art objects
    • Acquisition and operation of yachts and/or airplanes
    • Tax-driven immigration (Monaco/Europe/Dubai/Caribbean)
  • Formation, licensing and professional management of private banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and investment funds.

Our legal and tax professionals provide international tax planning and cost effective, cross border solutions tailored to meet the needs of our multinational clients. You can contact one of our advisers via the phone +31 880 200 200 or E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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