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BlauStein: Interesting Facts

More than 300 cultural events are sponsored by the company

Dutch Administrative Office Foundation


Dutch Administrative Office Foundation (STAK) is a great alternative for traditional Anglo-Saxon Trust. The main advantages of STAK are: anonymous ownership and management of assets (company shares, real estate, transport vehicles, investment portfolios, etc.).

Two advertising giants choose Netherlands as their optimal HQ location


Advertising giants Publicis and Omnicom announced in July that they were combining in a "merger of equals" that would create the world's largest advertising firm, one worth more than $35 billion. The new group will join a string of international corporations that are registered in the Netherlands but that have their headquarters elsewhere.

Israeli Shapeless Trust as a perfect estate planning tool


Warren E. Buffett has been quoted as saying, “A very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing.” The trust is a well-established estate planning tool, however, like many others, you may find yourself hesitant to place your hard-earned assets in the hands of an appointed trustee. The Israeli shapeless trust is an attractive option for those who wish to provide for future generation with a trust without relinquishing title to their assets.

"Dutch Sandwich" helps Google to reduce effective overseas tax


The U.S.-based internet giant funnelled a total of €8.8 billion in royalties through a Dutch subsidiary in 2012, according to financial reports. The news marks Google’s increase in global revenues, and the growing use of the “Dutch sandwich” tax structure by multinational companies to lessen overseas tax rates.

British Virgin Islands: Beneficiary Revealed


Recent changes in the legislation of BVI directed towards prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing are dramatically complicating procedures for company registration and maintenance.

8.700 new millionaires


According to the latest global Wealth Report that is prepared each year by Knight Frank, the overall number of millionaires has increased on 5% (8.700 people) in year 2012. In the coming decade the highest wealth growth is expected to take place in Asian and Latin American countries.

Switzerland: Forgotten bank accounts


Parliament of Switzerland had set the maturity date for collection of "forgotten" funds from the Swiss bank accounts during the latest national assembly meeting.

Anglo-Saxon Trust Concept


According to Anglo-Saxon law, trust is an effective instrument of tax planning, asset protection and its conveyance by inheritance, which has been used for centuries in England and other countries of common law.  

Tax-free British Partnerships


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – is an independent legal entity registered in accordance with UK laws.


Corporate Image of Offshore Company


Offshore company can gain a respectable status of European company by applying various attributes of corporate image.


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