BlauStein: Our Philosophy

The BlauStein Company slogan is written on the family Coat of Arms: “A Human can do as much as he knows!” (HOMO QUANTUM SAT, TANTUM POTEST).

We believe that the Client can make the right decision only after receiving complete information about all possibilities, advantages, nuances, consequences, dangers, disadvantages, anticipated developments, changes in the legislation and in the market, judicial practise, competitor experience and many other factors.

Our goal is to provide our Client with access to all instruments of international tax planning and corporative structuring.

We work on the principle of “one window”. By contacting one of our offices the Client has access to all BlauStein resources, possibilities and specialists worldwide. All Clients have their own advisor – Personal Consultant. As a result we have effective communication and a high level of privacy. Only the Personal Consultant has access to personal information, knows all characteristics and needs of the Clients and their Company.